Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Strange VeggieTales

Yesterday, Shmuli got a new Veggietales movie. It was "King George and His Ducky", and it was a remake of David and Bathsheba, except he stole a rubber ducky, and the guy survived, so he was able to apologize and give back his ducky. Otherwise, it was extremely close.

However, I was bothered by one thing. They decided that the moral of the story was "Don't Be Selfish". However, that makes the whole movie surreal. It's all very well and good to share rubber duckies, but sharing wives is definitely forbidden.

I think the real problem is that they're confusing two separate morals. It's a bad thing to be selfish (for most thing), but it's really a small sin. On the other hand, stealing is a much bigger sin. I have little problem with the king having a 100 duckies and some people having 0. The problem was that he had 99 and took the other guy's 1. (And of course the murder)


Blogger Mike said...

You can also add in the fact that it wasn't seduction but rape and the story is even worse. Of course David did pay several penalties for it. One was the sons death. the other less direct one was that the army was more inclined to support Abshalom after this.

10:08 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

I doubt it was rape. Obviously, David knew he couldn't be openly seen sleeping with his general's wives, so Bathsheba probably knew the same stuff. If she'd wanted to make a fuss, she could have stopped it in the very beginning. When we see her 20 years later, she's certainly a capable political player. There's no reason to believe she wasn't bathing on the rooftops on purpose.

11:04 PM

Blogger Mike said...

I doubt at the time Batsheba could have stopped it she did bring it on. Even if it was rape Batsheba is not the sympathetic one in the story.

6:11 PM

Blogger David said...

I think the lesson "don't be selfish" is a very good lesson from the David/Bathsheba story. Obviously, killing someone so you can steal their wife is a very selfish thing to do. It's certainly not in the other guy's best interest

Often, the way to avoid being selfish is not to share, but to simply do without.

A second lesson from the David/Bathsheba story is: even if you decide to be selfish, at least don't kill people.

The second lesson may be more important for adults. The first lesson is probably more important for preschoolers.

1:40 PM

Blogger Tobie said...

Well, the way that Nathan framed it, the lesson is not to take the other guy's ducky when he is poor and weak and only has one and you are rich and powerful and have lots and lots. Which is pretty similar to Rachel's take on the issue, so there you go.

10:51 AM


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