Monday, December 26, 2005


Chanukah season has begun here marked by really pretty looking doughnuts that are suprisingly doughy and if they have filling its just a small blob. But the beauty of the confectionary sugar sprinkled on top. Every time it fools me into buying them.
Our landlord is coming today, hopefully to fix our heat which is blowing out lukewarm air (does the word lukewarm fit air or is it only for liquids?). With incredible irony we spent this morning cleaning the apartment so that our landlord isn't upset at us when he is coming to fix his broken heat. (Not the most sensical sentence but I needed the parallel italics.) The apartment really was a wreck because we had these 5 australian birthright girls staying by us for the weekend with their luggage for 6 weeks. Given the size of our apartment I think its pretty impressive that we were able to fit 5 more people in. And luckily the downstairs neighbors didn't complain about them making too much noise or anything. (Yet another person who should be our equal bc we both just pay rent but we live in fear of and avoid riding the elevator with)[and i just ended that fragmented sentence with two prepostions] Oh that reminds me, the other day i finally got to show off my english knowledge by editing one of the graduate students paper that he's submitting to a journal. No snide comments about my writing skills, i did an excellent job editing it. The only thing i didn't have the heart to change was his concluding paragraph that began: in conclusion the answer is yes, _____ has been proven to _______. THere was something that seemed a little too boisterous and not-scientific about that sentence. But who am i to come and strip all personality from his paper.
Rachel and Shmuli- i want to see pictures of the new house.
Joe-if you ever want to go to australia the birthright girls pledged everlasting thanks and hosting tradebacksies that you could negotiate for.


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