Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yosef's New Book

This is a alphabet book with pictures, but I'll describe it for you

A from asparagus
B from bologna
C from carrots
D from dill pickles
E from eggs
F from fish
G from gefilte fish
H from ham
I from ice
J from jelly
K from ketchup
L from licorice
M from maple syrup
N from nuts
O from olives
P from pears
Q from quiche
R from red peppers
S from salt
T from taco chips
U from ugula (?)
V from vegetable called a potato
W from watermelon
X from extra cheese
Y from yellow yogurt
Z from zucchini

IROT DBOO KMHO AR (I wrote the book ?)
IMA DLE ETRS DART OFF OO (I made the letters out of food)
Picture of our family.


Blogger Mike said...

Q from quiche
How did he find out about quiches.

2:10 PM


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